Blogger of the Week: The 818 

We are loving The 818, a gorgeous blog that gives us a glimpse at the everyday life of a working mom in LA. 

The Founder, Morgan, is a screenwriter and professional blogger living in LA with her “dashing” husband and two kids. This blog is the perfect place to look for fashion inspiration, discover new places in LA and get inspiration for your next DIY project. 

The 818 is filled with style tips and tutorials that will keep you in the know on the latest trends. Check out this great piece she did on the usefulness of eyelash extensions.

She also has tons of DIY projects on everything from mastering the art of Instagram to splatter paint popcorn.

If you are looking for a new blog to add to your daily reading check out The 818. 

Blogger of the Week: Modern Kiddo

We are loving Modern Kiddo, a resource for giving all of those things you loved as a child a fresh modern twist.

The founders, Alix and Dottie are two San Francisco moms who brought their love for bold colors, quirky patterns and smart design together with the belief that you should bring the best of your past to your child’s present. 

Most recently we have been loving their vintage Olympic photography paired with fun facts and quotes from decades past.

Their love for vintage finds, gorgeous photography and eye for design will make those dusty boxes in the attic seem worth digging through. 

Have you ever thought about organizing a family game night featuring your original Clue board?

How about finding your favorite pair of childhood sneakers and creating the perfect vintage outfit for your kids?

Modern Kiddo will inspire you to find new ways to put your favorite vintage goods to use.